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Photopetitions are up!

Go to to see the rest!

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Our new Shutterfly Site is up!

To see more photo petitions, go to!

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Coal-Free Action Day

Just a quick reminder that TUESDAY, NOV 10 is COAL-FREE ACTION DAY!!!

Meet outside the Cooper Administration building for our rally at 10:45 AM!
Later at 7 PM meet us in Science 1 Room 149 for the awesome and informative documentary: Coal Country.


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TAKE ACTION and make history – help save Coal River Mountain!

Today, organizations across the nation are joining forces with to send a powerful message to the Obama Administration that blasting on America’s Most Endangered Mountain-Coal River Mountain- needs to stop now. This could be the largest day of action on mountaintop removal ever, and we need your help to make history.

Just fill in your information at the bottom of the page.
Help spread the word by having your friends sign the petition as well.



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November 10th: Coal Free Action Day!

Put it in your calendars! We need you to come show your support!

Tuesday is the day where we get to demonstrate all the student support for moving beyond coal at BU!
There will be two events:

1. Clean Energy Media Event: Nov. 10, 11AM,
The front of the Cooper Administration Building (by the Peace Quad)
Meet at 10:45 to come together to publicly ask President DeFleur to make BU a leader in clean energy by moving beyond coal! We need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to be there! It should be really exciting and last less than 30 minutes. We have the chance to really make change on this campus, but we need you to show your support.

2. Movie Screening: COAL COUNTRY: Nov. 10, 7PM,
Science 1, room 149
Come see this stunning documentary (running time: 40 min) revealing the truth about mountaintop removal mining. With guest speaker Gabriel Piser.

Clear your calendars and come to BOTH EVENTS! It is critical that we demonstrate our support not just with numbers, but with faces and voices.

-your friends at BU Beyond Coal


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Campaign Meeting Tonight!

Tonight is our BU Beyond Coal Reloaded Campaign Meeting. Come to Lecture Hall 7 at 7:00 PM tonight for:

– updated information regarding our campaign
– our campaign’s progress so far and our goals for the future
– information about events coming up in the near future
– more of what you can do to help
– and plenty of food!

See you there!

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The Hidden Cost of Coal

Here is an interesting article exposing how expensive coal really is.

Last week, Dave Roberts blogged about a recent—and very important—study by the National Research Council on the enormous hidden costs of energy consumption.

Check it out!

Coal Plant

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Upcoming Events

Beyond Coal

Events Coming up in the Near Future:

  • Monday, Nov. 2- BU Beyond Coal Reloaded! Campaign-Wide Meeting, 7pm in Lecture Hall 7.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 3- BUBC Band Show: 7pm UU 120:
    We will be holding a Band Show featuring:7:00PM: Freddy Nugz and the Uniters


    7:45PM: Benjamin Farrer

    8:30PM: Brian Wolff

    9:15PM: Raincoat Company
    Admission will be a DONATION to SUNY Chow of one item of canned food that they will donate to the hungry.
    The event is starting at 7:00PM Tuesday November 3 and ending at 10:00PM in UU 120.

  • Tuesday, Nov. 10- Major Escalation Event asking for a meeting with President DeFleur: 11am in front of Cooper Administration Building.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 10- Movie Showing of Coal Country. I will post the location and time ASAP, as it is still in the works.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 17- Press conference presenting our campaign coalitions (faculty and student), 11am in front of Cooper Administration Building .
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Come See Matewan Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are showing Matewan in Science 1 room 149 at 7:00 P.M.

Basic Plot: A labor union organizer comes to an embattled mining community brutally and violently dominated and harassed by the mining company.


See you there!

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Coal is too dirty. Even for college.

Check out the new 2 Dirty 4 College video:

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